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Welcome to our site
We started this business because we love everything about horses - the riding, the
companionship, their personalities ... OK,  maybe not the shoveling, but you get our meaning.
Our products are designed to fit the needs of our customers and to take the individual
needs of their horses into to account as well.  Our full line of English Saddles offer our

Feather Lite Changeable Tree System
that allows the rider
to adjust the fit of the saddle to their horse as their body changes.  

If your horse is like most of us, they don't get as much exercise in winter.  As they trim
up as summer approaches the fit of their saddle changes.  The
Feather Lite
Changeable Tree System
allows you to make subtle changes in the width of your
English saddle to meet the particular needs of  your horse.   You can even use
the same saddle on different horses with a simple and quick Tree change
and still have a perfect fit regardless of their body build.

All our saddles are made to your specifications.  You can choose the style, color and
seat size to meet your needs and our English saddles with the  
Feather Lite System,
with a full set of five
metal color coded trees, allows you to easily change
the fit for your horse as well.

We hope that the second best feature of our product line is the cost.  While our
saddles and tack are made from high quality leather, our price range will be well below
what you've seen for comparable modifiable saddles.

Please take a few minutes to explore our site and call our office for
any additional information you may require or to order.

If you have time, send us pictures of  your horse and some info about them and we'll
post it on our site.  
828 - 606-5498
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